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    What Does a Dental Lab Technician Do?

    Dental Lab Technicians are part artists and engineers.  They typically construct and repair full or partial dentures and dental appliances.  There are many jobs in the field, where they read prescriptions and examine models or impressions to determine the design of the dental product to be constructed.  Some tasks include:

    • Fabricating, altering, and repairing dental devices, such as dentures, crowns, bridges
    • Build and shape wax teeth, using small hand instruments
    • Constructing customized medical or dental devices
    • Melt metals, mix plaster, porcelain, and acrylic pastes
    • Creating models of patient’s mouth by pouring plaster into dental impressions
    • Working with a variety of metals, soldering irons, waxes, acrylic resins, ceramics
    • Working with Asiga 3D printers, Digital CAD/CAM, VHF R5, Roland 52-dc mill