We currently have one location for dental lab technicians and two offices for dental assisting in Ohio to serve you.  We provide more hands-on in the clinical areas and labs than any other accelerated program.

Dental Lab Environments

Dental lab technicians don’t typically work in a dental office, although some may!  The typical dental lab technician works in dental laboratories. Here they fabricate restorative, corrective, and therapeutic devices for people’s mouths. These devices may replace a single tooth with an entire arch of the mouth or the entire mouth. 

Many dental lab technicians work in small, privately owned labs, but others work for larger companies having hundreds of employees. Do you have what it takes to be a dental lab technician? Technicians are usually quiet by nature, although they definitely don’t have to be.  They enjoy working indoors in small settings. Good candidates for employment in these labs should be comfortable using small instrumentation, be patient when it comes to working on small details, many love working with their hands and some have a knack for art.