Worthington Location Dates

10 Week Saturday Classes
July 13th, 2024 – September 14th, 2024
October 5th, 2024 – December 7th, 2024
January 4th – March 8th, 2025
March 29th – May 31st, 2025
July 5th – September 6th, 2025
October 4th – December 6th, 2025


  • Have confidence when entering the dental field as a lab technician.
  • Understand dental tooth anatomy, physiology, and terminology.
  • Understand the different dental appliances; both removable and fixed.
  • Understand dental materials, their functions, and how we use them.  Included but not limited to CAD/CAM, 3D printing, orthodontic, porcelain, wax, dentures, etc. 
  • How to take, pour, and trim impressions.
  • Understand and know how to properly perform the key points that dental labs look for in dental lab technicians.
  • Know how to properly work in the sterilization area of a dental lab and understand OSHA.
  • Be a great communicator with the dental lab team and the dentist to deliver beautiful dental work to the guests in the dental chair.
  • Learn the newest digital technology in the dental lab field as well as all the hands-on functions that a technician in the dental lab needs to succeed. 

Week One

Introduction to dental and dental lab terminology, tooth anatomy, and morphology.

Drawing teeth and tooth surfaces, Tracing designs, modeling teeth using plasticine, interactive use of flashcards for tooth anatomy and terminology.

Week Two

Lab equipment use and safety Disinfection procedures Model work - pouring and pinning models Printing models using a 3D printer

Practice poring models by mixing lab stone - both with resin rock and buff stone.

Week Three

Review of drawing teeth, carving teeth, and model pouring and pinning: both crown and bridge and denture models.
Begin discussing crown and bridge waxing, investing, and casting.

Week Four

Crown and bridge waxing
Casting metal

Wax, invest, and cast two copings; one anterior and one posterior
Wax, invest, and cast full-contour; one anterior and one posterior

Week Five

Divesting material
Prepping metal to receive porcelain

Divesting material
Prepping metal
Metal conditioning
Opaque application

Week Six

Metal conditioning
Opaque application
Porcelain application
Fundamentals of color

Porcelain build-up
Finishing of porcelain build-up: including grind in, finish, stain and glaze

Week Seven

CAD-CAM in dental lab production
Video: PTC Course - Introduction to computer-aided design!

Scanning and designing a full contour Zirconia restoration using 3Shape design software.

Week Eight

Custom Denture Trays
Stabilized rims (acrylic base)
Mounting with a rim and bite on an articulator
Pouring models for dentures
Choosing teeth

Making custom trays and rims

Week Nine

Denture set-ups and choosing teeth
Different shapes of denture teeth

Choose teeth
Set-up and wax denture

Week Ten

Final Exam covering all materials and topics with Survey of class! At the completion of your last day you will have the confidence to walk out into the dental world and get an amazing career doing what you love and getting paid for it!

After grades are tallied, we hold graduation. Keep in mind that we have a 100% graduation rate. This is YOUR day to shine! Diplomas will be distributed, along with gifts, and goodies. All for your hard work and PERSERVERENCE. Apply now. You are only 10 weeks away from being a dental lab technician!