Kindra – Director

Kindra O’Rielley graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. She practiced dental hygiene for fourteen years. She enjoys teaching, lecturing and consulting nationally. This brought her to her dream of opening a dental lab technician and assisting schools. This way she can help others believe in themselves and get the career of their dreams!


Donna is a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design with a major in fine arts. She has been working with dental ceramics since 1984. She has been a Certified Dental Technician since 2009, and teaches stain and glaze courses, performs demos and lectures. "I love meeting patients and seeing the new smiles we helped create! " As a true artist, she enjoys doing painting watercolors, riding motorcycles, and spending time with her family."I love


Earl has been a denture technician since 1963 with experiences in implant retained dentures, bars and over dentures. He basically has experience in all phases of denture work with some partial and crown bridges. Earl enjoys horseback riding, archery, and spending time with his wife. As an instructor, he loves teaching young people about the exciting Dental Lab field.


Diane, as a Certified Dental Technician has been working as a dental technician since 1979. She has been using different materials to fabricate crowns and bridges and believes that this is such an exciting time to be a technician. "There are so many awesome choices in materials which can really inspire new technicians to create the best esthetic restorations ever!" She really enjoys horseback riding and camping outside under the stars.